Itezhi Tezhi Female Health Workers Threaten to Flee post over Witchcraft

Some female health workers at Bushinga Rural Health Centre in chief Kaingu’s chiefdom in Itezhi Tezhi district have threatened to flee the institution because of alleged witchcraft practices where they are subjected to having ‘sex’ with witches and wizards at night.
Itumbi Ward councilor Boyd Musangu, confirmed to ZANIS that he has since called for a meeting to sensitize people afterhat receiving numerous reports involving wizards having sex with health workers at night.
He said the office of the District Commissioner had also been informed.
“They complain that at night witches sleep with them and then mark them with tatoos on their private parts,” Musangu said. “I’ m worried that if such practices continue, government workers will leave the institution and the majority of people will not have the much needed health services which have been brought at their door steps.”
He pointed out that according to Zambian laws practicing witchcraft was illegal and punishable.
Musangu further said the practice was also against human rights.
In 2014, school-girls at newly-built Kabanga School in chief Chilyabufu’s chiefdom in Itezhi Tezhi were reportedly witnessing short weird men who caused them to collapse.
The situation caused tension between the teachers and communities and teachers threatened to leave the place and the incidence caused absenteeism among pupils.
In the same year, there were also reports from Kachinka Primary School in chief Musungwa’s chiefdom where pupils and a teacher, who died a long time ago, were reportedly re-appearing every year during examinations.
The ‘ghost’ of the deceased teacher was reportedly seen invigilating examination classes, a development that worried teachers and some parents who did not believe in such things.
Other reports were from Shambala Basic School in chief Shezongo’s chiefdom and Babizhi Rural Health Centre where some teachers and health workers left the institution due to rampant witchcraft.