Kitwe riots a revolt against PF, observes NDC

By Staff Reporter


Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) says riots that have rocked Kitwe in the last four days have not come as a surprise to the party.

In a statement on Tuesday, NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenga said it was also clear that the riots were not politically.

He said it was possible that the riots could have been caused by high poverty and unemployment.

“And the high unemployment and poverty levels are not synonymous to Kitwe alone; it’s a national issue. These riots are also a form of political revolt against the PF government by the youths. The youths have used the riots to speak out and send a warning to the PF over their decimal and poor governance style,” Musenge said.

He said the situation was not different from the food riots witnessed under the UNIP administration in the 80s and early 90s.

Musenge asked President Edgar Lungu to urgently address the social issues affecting young people.

“Youths feel dejected and neglected because they had so much hope in this regime that promised them a better future. Youths in all parts of Zambia are incensed and increasingly agitated mainly because of unfulfilled political promises,” he said.

“Youths are tired of waiting for jobs that the PF regime has time and again been promising them. The riots in Kitwe are also a protest vote from young persons who are yearning for political change. Young persons will use any platform to vent their anger to the regime. Most of the productive age group in this country have been neglected and feel hopeless.”

He said the riots could have been avoided if the country had a responsible government.

Musenge warned that the situation could get worse as the country approached the 2021 general election.

“This country might see more such riots and we pray, that they won’t be extreme. Zambia will also witness sporadic protests as the economic malice deepens,” warned Musenge. “The Kitwe riots are also a sign that the PF regime has lost favour and ground from the populace. These riots could have been avoided if government had an agenda for the youths. The NDC, also takes this opportunity to send its message of condolences to the family of the Kitwe youth who was shot by police in Buchi township yesterday.”