Pan Africanists honour veteran revolutionaries

By Staff Reporter

Socialist movements attending the ongoing Third Pan Africanism Today Conference in Ghana have honoured revolutionaries from different countries.

And Socialist Party (Zambia) Deputy General Secretary Fred M’membe described Cubans as true Pan Africanists.

The annual conference which officially started on September 20, attracted delegates from 52 countries within and outside Africa.

Six individual veterans and two organisations were honoured for their contribution to the struggles of the masses against imperialism and capitalism.

Ghana’s founding president Kwameh Nkrumah was honoured posthumously for the foundation he led on promoting Pan Africanism.

Others were Filedmore Mapeto from South Africa, also posthumously, who was instrumental in the African National Congress’ liberation movement; El Harif Abdalah, a Moroccan revolutionary who has been detained several times for fighting for the rights of the people of Western Sahara; Dr Nkrumah’s disciples: G A Balungu and Capt Kugu Chigata who were both instrumental in defending the spirit of Pan Africanism.

The conference also honoured Frantz Fanon, a revolutionary from Martinique Island in the Caribbean; and the over 2, 000 Cubans who participated and died in the liberation struggles of many African countries such as Angola and Congo Brazzaville; and members of the Polisario Front in Western Sahara, a movement that keeps resisting Morocco’s annexing of their land to the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Morocco arbitrarily took over Western Sahara in 1975, despite advice from the International Court of Justice to recognise and leave the area as an independent state.

And speaking at the same event, Dr M’membe said there could be no political liberation of many African countries without Cuban solidarity.

“Over 2, 000 Cubans perished in defence of the independence of Angola and South Africa. But sometimes I wonder about the essence of internationalism when I look at the banditry going on in Angola and the corruption in South Africa,” Dr M’membe said.  “You can’t talk about Pan Africanism without the mention of the Cubans. Their international solidarity is unquestionable. [Cuban Revolution leader and first president] Fidel [Catrol] himself was a Pan Africanist, [Ernesto] Che [Guevara] was a Pan Africanist, Comandante Raul [Castrol] is a Pan Africanist.”

He said there could be no African revolutionary history written without the mention of Cubans.

“The selflessness of the Cubans cannot be written in one section, on one page, or in one book,” said Dr M’membe.