UPND demand answers over reported national assets takeover by China

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION United Party for National Development (UPND) has challenged President Edgar Lungu to come clean on the reported sale of the country’s strategic assets such as ZESCO to the Chinese, reportedly due to debt defaults.

UPND chairperson for Energy Charles Kaisala in a statement said there are many other issues the PF leadership had denied in the past, only to be confirmed after real truth came to light. So the PF can’t be trusted with their word because honesty and integrity is not part of their political culture.

“We know that the PF will use their vuvuzelas at home and abroad to deny and sweep the dirt beneath the carpet but the truth will prevail, because it is common knowledge that the Chinese firm, Sino Hydro power company, was corruptly engaged on ‘nkongole’ to carry out rehabilitation works of the ZESCO installations such as Kariba North Bank power facility and others,” said Kaisala.

He said Zambians would like to know if this debt and many others have been paid back to Sino Hydro power company or not.

Kaisala added that It’s a simple request requiring a simple answer and not a well-rehearsed old and boring song from an equally old gramophone.

He said Zambians were simply tired of “these Dununa songs from old scratched records as they want the plain truth because this is their country and their assets”.

“The PF persistently denied the takeover of ZNBC by the Chinese until it was established that the Chinese Topstar company had majority shareholding in the state owned ZNBC and that they were subsequently controlling it due to failure to repay the loans,” he said

Kaisala mentioned that his party was very sure it would happen the same way with the airports and other strategic national assets that are being rehabilitated by the Chinese firms that have been engaged corruptly.

“We are yet to see big surprises from the great leader’s recent tour of the great ‘wallet’ of China. As far as we are concerned it was a tour of further auctioning off our country and include it in the great wall of China. Until our citizens rise up from passivity, this country known as Zambia will be unrecognizably altered not far from now. To be forewarned is to be forearmed,” said Kaisala.