Chinese are not a source of our problems -Pilato

By Staff Reporter

Satirical singer Chama Fumba AKA Pilato says China is not a source of the problems Zambia is facing today.

On his Facebook posting on Monday morning Pilato said he had noticed that instead of seeking answers to the questions we have as a people, we have resorted to hatred of the fellow human beings who happen to be Chinese nationals.

“Let us not entertain any xenophobic suggestions against the Chinese people as they are not the reason for our economic misfortunes. Insulting or belittling them is not in itself a solution to our woes. As we express our disgust over the debt and other issues, let us be responsible and not to incite hatred of another race or group of people. We can’t blame any outsider for our inadequacies not even the Chinese government,” said Pilato.

He charged that Zambia is where we are today not because the Chinese government or the Chinese people wanted Zambia to get here but because we were not good enough a few years ago as we did not do the right thing.

“Global politics demands for superior intelligence and not patronage. Global politics are about power and international influence. Zambia is run like an orphanage. Our president and his ministers go to China to appeal to the emotions of the Chinese leaders. They go there with tears in their eyes and with drowned shoulders,” he said

He charged that President Edgar Lungu was a renowned humble leader but global governance is beyond those silly emotions.

“The global stage is a battle ground for great negotiators and not for crybabies with low self-esteem. It’s no place for pity vibes, but for monsters taking advantage of weaker players. You can’t run a country like a little orphanage and expect fair negotiations with countries managed like enterprises,” charged Pilato.

Pilato mentioned that China and the Chinese people are not a problem, the problem is our President and his ministers who have failed to protect the interests and the wealth of our country as they run Zambia like an orphanage because they know they failed to run their own businesses.

“The only thing they can manage now is to exchange their emotions with loans. As long as they can bend their necks, shed a little tears and look humble they will get the Chinese money but would be stupid for anyone of us to think that China is giving us these loans because they love us. China is an enterprise, they love their money and they account for every coin. Whilst we appeal to their emotions, they are not responding to us with emotions but with business deals that will benefit them. We cannot blame them, we cannot blame the Chinese nationals living in Zambia today. They did not force us into this trap instead we catwalked in their jaws and we are reaping what we both sowed,”

Pilato has since called on Zambians to respect and love the Chinese brothers and sisters and ask President Lungu to put the country first and consult others in the management of the country.