Chipenzi advocates for mandatory voting

By Staff Reporter

Electoral activist McDonald Chipenzi has suggested that voting be made compulsory in Zambia in order to address voter apathy which has characterized elections in the recent past by elections.

Chipenzi said compulsory voting will add value and make people appreciate their rights.

In an interview with Zambia News and Information Services Chipenzi said compulsory voting will reduce the level of voter apathy being experienced in Zambia especially when the volume of work attached to holding elections is considered.

He noted that voting is compulsory in Australia.

He further said government and Electoral Commission Zambia (ECZ), were spending huge sums of monies on printing of election materials, civic awareness and sensitization as well as payment of  personnel for elections.

“Am concerned at the low voter turn-out in the just ended Kasenengwa parliamentary by-election in which 13,796 people voted out of the total 49,837 registered voters, representing a voter turn-out of 27.68%,” he said