Electoral results, a people power transition – HH

By Staff Reporter


United Party for National Development has commended voters for turning up to vote in the local government and parliamentary by-elections held on Thursday in North Western, Western and Eastern provinces.

And United Prosperous Peace in Zambia has accepted defeat in the Kasenengwa parliamentary by-elections though he blamed external influence which included vote buying and intimidation.

Following the electoral victories of 3 of 4 local government elections, party president Hakainde Hichilema in a statement said voting for UPND was not only a correct thing but the true democratic right and show of People Power! Our power!

“We are aware that in order to defend your power through vote protection, some of you were injured as is the case in Kasempa by those at variance with democracy and divergent views but just remember that power belongs to you and not a select few,” said Hichilema.

He said all in all, the people of Zambia, the grassroots are the true winners of Thursday’s elections.

“To the over 73% in Kasenengwa constituency of Eastern province who did not vote; we say do not lose hope because help is on the way and just remember that: People power! Our power. These by-elections are mainly as a result of corruption but we call on the citizens to continue showing that power belongs to them and no amount of pieces of silver will sway them into following those without a heart for them,” he said.

“To our party structures across the country: we say; go out and tell our people that power belongs to them. There is no time for armchair criticism, but time to work, mobilise and move not only our party forward but the country as a whole,”

Meanwhile, UPPZ president Charles Chanda said his party had a focus on 2021 elections.

“We are not worried about the continued usage of the system to their advantage as everything that goes up must surely one day come down. MMD has the story and it will not be different with PF. PF is fully aware that they did not win this election with clean hands. We have grounds to petition but I will not waste time as the whole system is rotten and it may just make us lose focus of the bigger picture. 2021 is not far and hence for us to continue with preparations,” said Chanda

He said his party had managed to beat the ruling party in one ward by a large margin, an indication that they can be ousted.

“To compete with a Chinese funded party gives me such joy that Zambia can stand on its own,” Chanda said.