Development a fallacy when people are in poverty – Mucheleka

By Staff Reporter

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) deputy Secretary General for politics, Patrick Mucheleka says PF’s claims of infrastructure development are a fallacy as the country has plunged into an unsustainable debt distress.

Speaking on UNZA Radio The Lusaka Star programme, Thursday, Mucheleka said those praising President Lungu were in denial of the obtaining situation in the country.

“Those of you who are busy eating with the PF after singing praises to Lungu should not think that the people out there are eating like you. Go to our compounds, go to Chaisa, go to Bauleni, go to Kanyama. Our people are suffering. They can’t afford three square meals a day. You can’t say when you build a poor quality feeder-road then that means development, no! Our marketeers are not able to trade in a conducive environment,” said Mucheleka.

He said that there was need for amendment of the current Constitution with a view of relegating power from the head of state.

“With the current Constitution, it is very possible to have a monster at State House as our current Constitution accords the Head of State too much executive powers. That’s why for us UPND and our president, its ” people power”, power to the people, for the people and by the people,” he said.

Mucheleka said those claiming that Lungu had been borrowing for the right purposes had misplaced thinking.

“If you are saying Lungu and his government have been borrowing for the right purposes you are wrong because if the loan contraction was good for our country, our credit rating wouldn’t have been downgraded by credit rating agencies,” he said.

Mucheleka also wondered why President Lungu would go to parade before Chinese President, Xing Jin Ping for less than a billion United States Dollars when the country had enough resources and favourable factors of production such as untapped labour, capital and plenty of virgin land.

“It is very surprising that Lungu would shameless go to China, and together with other African Heads of State parade for US$60 billion when we can harness the potential in our country such as the massive virgin land, the youthful labour force, the fresh water bodies and capital. But all Lungu wants is to be touring the country on the pretext of looking for loans. Recently, his Minister of Finance, Margerate Mwanakatwe told us they will be cutting on spending and travels, yet there he was with more than ten (10) Cabinet Ministers in China for seven (7) days accumulating allowances at the expense of the suffering majority Zambians,” charged Mucheleka.

Recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recalled its country representative, Alberto Baldini after Lungu’s regime squeezed him upon their failure to acquire the much-needed US$1.3 billion bailout package.