Too many holidays are unproductive, Bishop Mulenga

By Staff Reporter


KABWE Diocese Bishop Clement Mulenga says too many holidays as reflected on the Zambian calendar promote unproductivity

Bishop Mulenga observed that there were too many holidays on the Zambian calendar, a trend which promoted unproductivity but that Zambians ought to radically change their mentality towards work.

There are currently 14 official public holidays on the Zambian calendar.

“Work won’t kill you. No! It will make you a lot more a person than when you are just loafing! Why are people crying for work? It is because it’s important to work. The problem is that when they find that job, what they put into it…. So, there is really need to preach the gospel of work to start appreciating our work,” Bishop Mulenga said in Kabwe.

“There is a lot of work that needs to be done! I was complaining concerning the holidays that we have. In our region we seem to be a country with a lot of holidays – I think we have about 13 officially, South Africa has 12 and the rest will have quite a few. We should be leading in the SADC region and then after that, we start adding more [holidays!] ‘Long weekend!’ But the question, in that case, is that if we settle too much on holidays, when are we going to work?”

He wondered when Zambia was going to develop when its citizens concentrated on holiday making.

“It’s like getting free money! We have daunting work to do, especially to change our mentality. We need that radical change where we can appreciate work. When you work, you are not a slave – actually, you become a master – you produce and make more and more,” said Bishop Mulenga.