Edgar has insulted citizens – UPND

By Staff Reporter


Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has disagreed with President Edgar Lungu’s assertions that Zambians are lazy people that only want to complain.

In a statement, party deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka said such words were demeaning and very disrespectful to citizens.

Mucheleka said people were going through a very rough time caused by the mismanagement of national resources and corrupt activities of Lungu and his buddies in government.

“Zambians have a right to demand for services. They are the owners of the resources and Edgar is their servant. But unfortunately for PF, it is the other way round,” he said. The people have instead become servants. I’m happy Lusaka residents have already given him a signal. Let him ask Rupiah who too went around pointing at roads, health centres which PF is also doing, but because they were hungry they showed him the door out.”

He said Lungu’s words were also an insult to women that rush to Soweto market every morning to earn a living.

“The beans and rice trader from Nakonde who sleeps for weeks in the cold open space on top of the bags of his merchandise at City Market cannot be termed as a lazy good for nothing grumbler. The livestock trader from Mapanza who braves dangerous thugs at Chibolya market until he sells his last goat cannot be classified as lazy bones,” said Mucheleka.

“The examples are too numerous to mention, including the girl child in Senia Township in Ndola, who reads under candle light to study for her matriculation. This is the heritage, the spirit and the passion for hard work which Zambians are known for and we should all be proud of them. Now it’s only a leader without a vision and who cannot see such visible positive attitudes and attributes of his citizens who can call them lazy. It’s a leader that is blinded by the corruptly and ill-gotten wealth stolen from the bare bruised backs of the very same poor people he is insulting, that can utter such venomous words.”