Stop exploiting people, Kamuti tells RATSA

By Staff Reporter


Commuters Rights Association of Zambia (CRAZ) president, Aaron Kamuti has advised the RTSA to separate its function of saving lives from its endeavors to increase its revenue base.


And Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya says the waiver on the speed fines will only apply to motorists that were captured on Airport road in Lusaka as the road had no signage.


Kamuti said that RTSA should differentiate its life saving programmes from its revenue collection mandate.


“We are concerned that the money RTSA had raised from the road safety law enforcement using road side cameras within a short period of time was too alarming. RTSA was supposed to bank about K13.5 million from the 45, 000 traffic violations recorded in the first three weeks of implementing the road side camera programme,” he said


He reiterated that the road safety management system should not be aimed at milking motorists of their hard-earned money but to reduce traffic accidents and save lives.



Siliya said RTSA was expected to refund the motorists that were captured by the speed camera on airport road.


Speaking at the media briefing, Siliya said government was in full support of the roll out of the intelligent traffic management system.

She said RTSA had indicated that they also started putting signage on airport road.


“Earlier in the week government directed the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to waive traffic fines slapped on motorists captured on the speed cameras placed on roads without proper speed signage and refund those who already paid,” said Siliya


Meanwhile, Minister of Transport and Communication, Brian Mushimba said he had engaged RTSA following a public outcry on the traffic fines that had been slapped on speeding motorists captured on roads without proper signage.


Mushimba said that it was unfair for RTSA to charge motorists for speeding offences when the speed limits were not clear.


He revealed that he had instructed RTSA to waive fines on motorists who were captured on roads without proper signage and refund those who had already cleared their fines.


“In as much as we fully support initiatives by RTSA to ensure road safety, it is just not fair that they should charge motorists even on roads where signage is not clear,” said Mushimba


“Government was concerned about the increase in traffic accidents but that the Road Safety Management System should be rolled out fairly,” said Mushimba