ZEMA charges LCC for failure to deal with waste    

By Staff Reporter

The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) has charged Lusaka City Council for failure to fully comply with site restoration orders issued early this month.


On August 1, ZEMA ordered LCC to remove waste in parts of Garden, Kanyama and Misisi townships and the town centre and restore the sites to a satisfactory condition.


The Council was also ordered to take action that would prevent the continuation of disposal of waste at the stated sites.

“The Agency carried out compliance inspections of the stated sites and found that LCC did not fully comply with the Orders. In view of the above, LCC will be prosecuted on four counts for:

  1. Two counts for the offence of Managing waste in a manner that results in an adverse effect or creates a significant risk of an adverse effect occurring in respect of the two sites in Misisi and Kanyama respectively contrary to Section 54 of the EMA; and
  2. Two counts for the offence of failure to comply with Site Restoration Orders issued in respect of Misisi and Kanyama sites respectively contrary to Section 60 subsections (3) and (4) of the EMA,” Corporate Affairs Manager Irene Chipili said in a statement released Friday.

In addition, pursuant to Section 126 of the EMA, Mr. Alex Mwansa and Mr. Edgar Mulwanda have been charged in their official capacities as Town Clerk and Director of Public Health at the LCC respectively. To this end, the two stand charged together with LCC with four counts as above.    


The offences were committed on dates unknown but between 1st day of January, 2018 and 11th August, 2018 in Lusaka District.  The matter will come up for allocation and possible plea before the Lusaka Magistrate court on 30thAugust, 2018.”