Venezuelans will work through this earthquake, says M’membe

Dr Fred M’membe says the Socialist Party (Zambia) was saddened that the earthquake that hit Venezuela on Tuesday is a terrible experience which will multiply the problems of the people of that country.
Dr M’membe, the party’s Deputy General Secretary and the party’s presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections, stated in a solidarity message to the people of Venezuela, following the earthquake incident, that citizens of that nation will work through it all.
“It is with profound sadness that we receive the news of the earthquake catastrophe that hit Venezuela on Tuesday.
It is with sadness, that we heard and saw on television the destruction caused by this earthquake,” Dr M’membe stated. “We would like to extend our heartfelt sympathy to  all Venezuelan people.
We are thinking so much of the people of Venezuela as they experience this terrible earthquake and all its consequences.”
He indicated that SP (Zambia) was sorry to witness such devastation.
“We are so sorry to see this devastation; we know Venezuela is a nation of people who will work their way through it all. We have a great admiration for the Venezuelan people.
We will be thinking of you each day – as always,” stated Dr M’membe. “It would be a formidable task to recover from an earthquake of this magnitude. The Socialist Party (Zambia) stands in solidarity with the people   of Venezuela  through this difficult time.
We are concerned about the dire consequences of this deadly earthquake which will multiply the problems of the people of Venezuela.”