Chawama residents welcome SP programme 

By Staff Reporter

Residents of Lusaka’s Chawama constituency have welcomed the Socialist Party’s Justice, Equity and Peace (JEP) programme propagated by the organisation. The programme promotes equitable sharing of resources and class equality among human beings.

Reuben Theo told that the JEP programme was the only hope for Zambians at the moment as many of them were seriously wallowing in poverty.

Theo said the programme would further help address the many challenges poor people were going through such as lack of quality education and poor health services.

“To the Socialist Party, my word of encouragement is, please do more and train more people in order for more people to fully understand  the JEP programme, which is very positive to the majority of Zambians. This programme should be spread to all parts of the country,” he said. “It is sad that many people in Zambia have managed to complete their education but have nothing to do as we are just moving round the compounds due to non-availability of formal employment. This has contributed more in terms of Zambians continuing to wallow in poverty.”