Cabinet approves tariffs on internet phone calls

By Staff Reporter


Cabinet on Monday approved issuance of a Statutory Instrument (SI) to tax  internet phone call users.


Justifying further taxation on the working class, Chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya said cabinet had noted that there was an increase in the use of internet phone calls at the expense of traditional phone calls.


She said the increased use of internet phone calls was threatening the telecommunications industry and jobs in companies such as Zamtel, Airtel and MTN.


Siliya claimed that research had established that 80 percent of citizens were using WhatsApp, Skype and vibes to make phone calls.

The SI will facilitate the introduction of a 30 Ngwee a day tariff to be charged through mobile phone operators and internet providers on internet phone calls.


National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant Chishimba Kambwili has expressed concern that Zambians had continued to be the end-losers of the government policies.

Appearing Prime TV Oxygen of Democracy programme, Kambwili said, “what’s there for the poor people in this country? As we are making these policies we should be wary of the impact they will have on the poor people.”