Chipenzi jibes Mwakalombe over stalled Lusaka-Chiawa-Chirundu road works

By Staff Reporter
McDonald Chipenzi says expecting an answer from Chongwe PF member of parliament Japhen Mwakalombe on why works on the Lusaka-Chiawa-Chirundu road have stalled, is like asking Jesus Christ to come now when his time is not yet up.
Below is a statement that Chipenzi, a former FODEP executive director, posted on his Facebook page this morning:
What is happening to Lusaka-Chiawa-Chirundu Road???
Since a few Kilometers were done passing through bapamwambas’ farms and homesteads and plots, the road has halted indefinitely, yet the nation was being told that the contractor was engaged and onsite.
Road Development Agency (RDA) which is a wing of State House, has remained mute on this road, yet new works are being commissioned elsewhere by the same RDA.
Why has the govt, through RDA, abandoned the works of this key important entry and exit road to and from Zambia’s busiest border Chirundu and Zambia’s largest man made lake, Kariba?
The people of Chiawa, Chongwe and Chirundu are demanding an answer from President Edgar Lungu, RDA and Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing including Bowman Lusambo as Lusaka Province Miniser, on why works on this road have suddenly been halted without explanation.
Where is the contractor and where is the money for this road, at least, it was funded? Has been ransacked by the usual corrupt elements in govt?
We remain expectant for an assuring answer from RDA and also a query from MPs for Chirundu, Kafue and of course, Chongwe although, expecting anything from Japhen Mwakalombe is like asking Jesus to come now when his time is not yet up, on why the road works are in limbo on this road