Chipenzi expresses worry over Lungu’s decision to shun AU heads of State summit.

By Staff Reporter

FORMER FODEP executive director McDonald Chipenzi says it is disappointing that President Edger Lungu decided to stay away from the AU heads of state summit in Mauritania in preference for an inauguration ceremony in Turkey.

Chipenzi said after backtracking on his own words about travelling abroad, President Lungu decided to charter a plane to Turkey instead of attending a summit, which was making continental decisions that affect Zambia directly.

“Instead, the President sent his Vice-President, Mama Inonge Wina who has not even briefed the nation what was discussed or (mayabe) what was discussed was irrelevant to her and the nation for her to have remained mute,” said Chipenzi.

He said it was hard to. Understand why President Lungu decided to attend the inauguration ceremony in Ankara, Turkey, which are normally characterized with merrymaking.

“Logically, in view of the President’s selective attendance of these international meetings, summit and ceremonies, which of the two events were our president supposed to attend-Inauguration Ceremony in Turkey located in the EU territory or the AU heads of State Summit in the African territory?” Chipenzi questioned.