ECL 2021 car plates unlawful, says Hamalengwa

By Staff Reporter
Renowned law expert, Dr Munyonzwe Hamalengwa, says car plates displaying ‘ECL 2021’ despite being supported by PF law makers, run contrary to the Republican Constitution that Edgar Lungu said he signed with his eyes closed.
Dr Hamalengwa, an author and lecturer, posted on his Facebook page that the Constitution was clear on the point that President Lungu was ineligible to stand in the 2021 general elections.
“A Constitution brought by themselves which Pres. Lungu said he would sign with his eyes closed and he signed. Brig. General Miyanda cautioned him to sign it with his eyes open after a review, Lungu refused. It was a perfect constitution they themselves made,” Dr Hamalengwa stated. “Car plates displaying, ‘ECL 2021’ a sentiment supported by PF politicians in Parliament and elsewhere is contrary to the Constitution and the analysis and understanding of an emerging constitutional scholar Isaac M. Mwanza ( see article posted). The Constitution is clear on this point. It cannot be manipulated by anybody, let alone a  self respecting Judge who went to Law School and called to the Bar and is beholden to the dictates of clear constitutional provisions.”
He points out that the relevant constitutional provision has left no lacunae, no closer reading, no discretion, no historical background to be filled in.
“This Constitution was also drafted and processed by one of Zambia’s foremost Constitutional lawyers and scholars, former Dean of the school of law at UNZA, recent Senior Lecturer with me at ZAOU school of law, and a Minister of Justice at the time, and now trusted Zambian Ambassador to the United States,  the Honourable Ngosa Simbyakula,” Dr Hamalengwa noted. “We must give Simbyakula his due when he authorized that a person ‘who has held office twice’ cannot stand for President for a third term. There are no qualifiers, no equivocations in this provision. One could even have held office for five minutes or two weeks, that is a term of office.  Rule of Law means precisely that. Zambia is a regime governed by the Rule of Law and not the Rule of W/Men.”
Right now, according to Dr Hamalengwa, the urgent task was to fulfill the election promises that were made in 2016.
“What are they deliberating about indeed. 14 days is 14 days. 2 terms is 2 terms. Court packing won’t help anyone if the judiciary respects the Constitution,” he counselled.