Young people must be a vanguard for a better Zambia – Banda

By Staff Reporter
Young people must be a vanguard on the frontline willing to advocate for the interest of the collective for a better Zambia, says generational leadership takeover activist, Dr Beck Banda.
Dr Banda stated on his Facebook page on Sunday that young Zambians, who are the majority populationwise, need not be myopic anymore by becoming change-makers.
“Zambia’s young people are increasingly dominating in numbers. But is the Country ready to capture this youth bulge and positively transfer their energies, their talents, their skills and their numbers productively? Do young people themselves realise that they must be change makers and tenacious?” Dr Banda asked. “Young people must be a vanguard on the front line, willing to advocate for the interest of the collective for a better Zambia. We must keep reminding our young people and the young adults that they can’t be myopic anymore, that we have to make decisions based on the best interest of the Country Zambia.”
He said people need best leaders to move this country forward.
“We need quality citizens to lead this country. We must move away from liking people or political parties as a basis for voting or appointing leaders into influential positions. Lusaka Mayor position does not need a party name, it does not need voting for the one we like. We need a quality leader who has what it takes to deliver,” he cautioned. “We do not have time enough as a country and as a generation to keep having people we wrongly call leaders that are empty of leadership qualities and capabilities who are selected and elected on sympathy, names of both individuals and parties, bribery and position buying at the expense of qualities and capabilities. Please forget friendship, forget names, forget gifts as we look at voting for the Lusaka Mayor.”
Dr Banda further advised that for once, the electorate should vote for qualities, abilities and capabilities of an individual.
“His or her ability to influence and drive the efforts of the collective. Vote wisely, vote for quality. Only quality can make a difference. Not sympathy or names. God bless Zambia,” he stated in part.