It’s not about a job but a service to the people – Pastor Chileshe

By Staff Reporter

UPND Lusaka Mayoral candidate Pastor Kangwa Chileshe says he is not looking for a job but wants to offer a service to the people of Lusaka.

Speaking on yesterday when he visited Chakunkula ward in Munali constituency, Chileshe said as a Pastor his duty was to offer a service to all people living in Lusaka rather than wanting to earn a living.

Chileshe pledged to improve delivery service to the people, which Patriotic Front leadership was failing to do.

“Am also pledging to bring back sanity to the Lusaka City Council (LCC) through what he termed as ‘the depoliticization of the Council’ as well as bring an end the misappropriation of Council funds,” said Chileshe

And former Sinda Member of Parliament Levy Ngoma said the party will emerge victorious on July 26.

Ngoma who is also party chairperson for agriculture called on UPND members from Munali Constituency to go flat-out and campaign for the their candidate.

“Am reminding the members of the critical role Pastor Chileshe played during the brutal arrest of party president, Hakainde Hichilema by conducting numerous prayers and spiritual counselling to comfort members and supporters of the party. I am castigating opportunist PF candidate, Miles Sampa for seeking the Mayoral position so that he could enrich himself at the expense of the poor residents of the greater City of Lusaka,” said Ngoma.