Revenue collections will be a preserve of the council – Petersen

By Staff Reporter

PEOPLE’S alliance for change Lusaka mayoral candidate Mukubesa Mundia aka Petersen says once elected as mayor he will make sure revenue collection in markets shall be a preserve of the council.

In a statement Mundia said he will make sure political party ideologies and agendas are kept from Lusaka City Council administration in order to enhance professionalism.

“….. public resources or Government structures are for all citizens irrespective of their race, gender, origin, tribe or political affiliation. Pocketing council funds and council revenue, especially from bus stations and markets is pure theft, the kind that must be frowned upon and utterly stopped by all well-meaning Zambians,” he said.

“Moreover, we want every Lusaka resident to know that the council, if left to manage its own affairs without political interference, can do a lot of great things for this city of Lusaka. It can manage to provide services if we clear all cadres from local government structures and all council revenue collection points”.

He further pledged follow and adhere constitutional provisions in administering the Lusaka City Council affairs.