We will transform Lusaka, pledges Chileshe

By Staff Reporter


UPND’s Mayoral Candidate, Pastor Kangwa Chileshe says the current state of the City of Lusaka can only be transformed through the right leadership  and promised to turn the City’s fortunes around.

“As UPND, we are ready for the task. All we are asking is for you people of Lusaka to give us an opportunity for us to prove our leadership. Going by the mandate given to me by God to serve mankind, I believe that leadership comes from God and once elected to the mayoral position of the Greater City of Lusaka, I will endeavour to govern the people of Lusaka with the love and fear of God.” Said Kangwa.

Pastor Chileshe also said that he is a grassroots person who made a lot of branches during the 2016 campaigns which he hopes to exploit.

He said that he was going to transform the Lusaka City Council (LCC) by offering transformative leadership.

“Mine is a new touch of leadership that will seek to transform LCC. Mine is an end to the politicization of the Council. I will ensure that garbage is no longer a nuisance and menace to the City. I will ensure that I call on corporating partners and the private sector to come in and help put up recycling firms to help generate revenue from garbage. I will ensure that we get the rotten tomatoes and transform them into tomato Sause. We will ensure that we create opportunities for the youths of the city. We will take the running of markets and bus stops from cadres and hand them to the Council. We will endeavour to put up a better drainage system across the city so that the flooding that the city has been experiencing can be a thing of the past. We will ensure that vandalism is contained. The mushrooming of gangs will no longer be a problem. We will also light up the city by ensuring that all our streets have lights, our people have access to clean water and sanitary services. We will endeavour that our city has better housing for all. Social amenities are also one of our priorities, “pledged Chileshe.

He said it was against the Council Act for political party cadres to be syphoning money from unsuspecting motorists.

“The trend where bus drivers pay to political party cadres is one thing we will look into to ensure that LCC collects the revenue unlike the current state where drivers have to pay money to cadres for four passengers. We (UPND) will address this problem which has led to the dwindling of income for bus drivers. And that money collected by cadres is not even receipted for,” he said.

Pastor Chileshe also said that the adoption process for the mayoral candidate in the UPND was transparent and democratic.