Let’s honour our heroes by upholding the rule of law – HH

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema says the country should honour men and women who helped lay the foundations of the country.

In a statement ahead of the Heroes and Unity day,  Hichilema said the national heroes’ wisdom, courage and selfless leadership and shared values paved way for the country’s freedom and democracy.

He said these heroes and heroines should be honoured by upholding the rule of law, protecting the country and fostering goodwill with each other.


“As we commemorate their lives and good works and values, we must continue to embrace and emulate their selfless ways and the high standards they set for us in our daily endeavors. Let us model ourselves along their cherished vision and yearn for the goals and aspirations they laid their lives for us and for this country,” said Hichilema

He said in the spirit of honouring these heroes and underpinning the importance of unity to this nation, his party would dedicate its celebrations  ordinary Zambians doing the extraordinary but unnoticed and uncelebrated works.

“The volunteer teacher in Mwengele Community School, Mbala District who is teaching children of all grade in a makeshift classroom. The midwife in Chikwa Rural Health Centre in Chama District, Eastern Province, with a catchment population of 12,000 people. This heroic health worker does not only deliver babies but he also provides family planning counselling, breast cancer and reproductive health awareness to women and families in these rural communities. The grandmother of Makululu Township in Kabwe, who is struggling to raise her orphaned grandchildren on her single income selling vegetables by the roadside. These stories are many, but what we are trying to direct attention to is the fact that there are heroes among us who need to be recognized,” he said.

Hichilema also called on the youths who were the future of Zambia to be prepared to play the role in building a society that is profoundly steeped in integrity, decency and wisdom.

“Aspire to leave a legacy like our national heroes and founding fathers and mothers strived to do and achieved for all of us. Heroism is an occupation which we must all engage in our day to day activities whether at home, school, church, the workplace and in our different communities,” he said.

“Let us all marshal our energies, talents and intellect to unite and build a nation that will outlive us and serve future generations. On this occasion we call on us all to reflect hard on what we can do for our country including fighting the negative vices such as corruption which is threatening the future of Zambia. A united nation and is a progressing nation. Be a hero and please let’s all avoid engaging ourselves in activities that endanger our lives during this period.”