A regime of arbitrariness has taken over Zambia – Socialist Party

By Staff Reporter

Zambia’s rule of law has completely broken down, according to the radical Socialist Party.


In a statement posted on the party’s Facebook page on Saturday, the party, which describes itself as a vanguard formation for the working class, charged that a chaotic situation designed to suit the interests of the parasitic capitalist ruling elite, now exists in Zambia.


“Today, the Zambian masses do not have inalienable rights and liberties worth talking about. The ruling elite continues to impinge upon and violate the rights of freedom of association, property rights – in particular those of the rural and urban poor, the right to free expression, equality before the law, due process, and protection for all against discrimination. Irrationality and unfairness in the decision-making processes have become the norm,” the Socialist Party stated. “A regime of arbitrariness has taken root, with acts or omissions dependent on the impulses of the sitting President and his ruling political party.”


The Socialist Party further charged that to top it all, Zambia’s judiciary had been compromised.


“It is neither independent, nor competent. There is also absence of control devices, procedural guarantees and equality of treatment before the law, nor the existence of legal barriers against political interference. A chaotic situation exists that is purposely designed to suit the interests of a parasitic, capitalist ruling elite,” the statement read in part.