Impartial ECZ and Police a remedy to electoral malpractices – UPND

By Staff Reporter

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) says it is important that during the campaigns all parties should adhere to the Electoral Code of Conduct.

In a statement UPND deputy national youth chairperson Subeta Mutelo appealed to the Electoral Commission of Zambia to be diligent without biases as evidenced in the Chilanga parliamentary by-elections.

“The scenes from Chilanga leave a lot to be desired and if not nipped in the bud may lead to situations that may send our beautiful country into civil unrest that we will not be able to handle.We will not standby and watch our democracy being raped by a few selfish individuals who have no care for the suffering citizenry,” said Mutelo.

“As a party, we promise to hold accountable all those responsible for flouting and participating in illegalities to force an eventual winner that the electorate have not voted for or denying them their right to vote for their preferred candidate. We urge our members to turn up in huge numbers to campaign for the youthful party candidate Pastor Kangwa Chileshe,” she said

Mutelo warned hired PF cadres would receive the attention they deserved from the opposition youths.

“We will protect the voters and the votes up to final tally and expect ECZ and police to perform their functions as required by law. The Lusaka Mayoral election is of particular importance and we as UPND and our candidate Pastor Chileshe Kangwa are extremely confident that we shall carry the day. To the PF leadership we will not say control your cadres because we know that Violence has become your winning strategy,”

“We want to thank Lusaka residents promising to join the campaign by dealing with any cadre that will try to cause violence during the mayoral elections that is what we have been waiting for”.

Mutelo urged the police to conduct themselves in a professional manner.