Political opportunism appalling – Musukwa

By Staff Reporter


Our political opportunism is appalling, says social media political activist, Yona Musukwa.


In a Facebook post in which he is questioning some politicians’ sudden interest in those affected by the Black Mountain tragedy, Musukwa said being reactionary has not developed any country.


“Sometimes, I tend to agree that something is fundamentally wrong with this country. Our Political opportunism is appalling. Why do we always have to wait for disasters to happen to show concern and do the correct thing?” he asked. “How come all of a sudden, politicians of all types and hue, are flocking to and from Kitwe, visiting the Black Mountain victims and families, showing them so much love, dishing out money/funds to empower them and promising them heaven on earth? All of a sudden, politicians know these people, know where they live and love them very much, just short of promising to resurrect their dead loved ones.”


Musukwa wrote further:”As politicians visit these people for show, for political mileage and launder their political images, we can see the poverty on these people’s faces, the dirty houses they live in and the hopelessness and grief in their voices.”


He asked where these politicians were before the tragedy.


“Where were these loving politicians before the accident? Where were these funds being dished out now for empowerment?” Musukwa asked. “Being reactionary has never developed any country. Let’s make our country a better place for all who live in it.”