Leave The British Envoy Alone, Action Aid tells PF

By Staff Reporter


Action Aid says the summoning of the British envoy to the Zambian Ministry of Foreign Affairs proves him right about his observations on the PF leadership’s authoritarianism.


Action Aid Zambia stated in a solidarity message with the British High Commissioner Cochrane-Dyet Ferguson following his Tweeter-related diplomatic tiff with the Edgar Lungu-led administration, that diplomats need to be bold.


“Those are manifestations of authoritarianism. Free advise to those in government, not every one that criticises you hates you. While others might do it out of spite and malice, mostly it’s done because people care and want you to do the right thing,” Action Aid Zambia posted on their social media page on Friday. “Similarly, not everyone who praises you and sings songs likes you. There are those who want to see you fall or are simply using you to benefit themselves, mostly from your mistakes from which you can never recover.”


Action Aid Zambia declared that they were in full support of High Commissioner Ferguson’s bold stance.


“We fully support the bold stance taken by the British Ambassador. We think all diplomats and Cooperating Partners must be as bold as Mr. Cochrane-Dyet and tell the Zambian government the truth when they have to. #Leave British envoy alone. #Leave Mary Tshuma alone. #Leave supporters of the FIC alone,” Action Aid Zambia told leaders in President Lungu’s administration.


Elements within the ruling PF party have warned the British envoy that he would be deported like the Cuban Ambassador Nelson Villas Page, who attended the launch of the leftist Socialist Party in Lusaka in March this year.


Furthermore, information and broadcasting minister Dora Siliya, who the British envoy has described as minister of misinformation, has in her capacity as chief government spokesperson to keep to his diplomatic lane.


This was in the wake of the Tweets the Britsh envoy made on the report of the Financial Intelligence Committee (FIC) and his open support for its embattled head, Mary Tshuma.