Siliya criticises FIC, fails to respond to issues raised in the report

By Staff Reporter

CHIEF government spokesperson Dora Siliya has criticised the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) for releasing the 2017 trends report to the public before availing it to government and law enforcement agencies.

Siliya, however did not respond to issues raised in the report which include loss of more than K4.5 billion through impropriate and theft by government officials.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka, Siliya instead claimed the information gathered by the FIC could be regarded as rumours hence the need to report to law enforcement agencies for further verification, investigations and possible prosecution.

Dora accused FIC chaired by Attorney General Likando Kalaluka of having broken the internal communication channels and probably the law.

“Government was currently conducting internal consultations and discussions on FIC’s conduct to publicize intelligence information before presenting it to law enforcement agencies,” said Siliya

Last week, FIC Director General Mary Chirwa-Tshuma and Kalaluka launched the 2017 Trends Report, which revealed glaring financial impropriate at a press briefing.