Kanganja happy with ‘peaceful’ elections

By Staff Reporter

Zambia police has commended all political players and other stakeholders who participated in the just ended by – elections held on Tuesday in some wards across the country as well as Chilanga Constituency for conducting their political activities in a mature and relatively peaceful manner.

In a statement Inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja said the accomplishment of a peaceful election was as a result of commitment shown by all political players and high levels of compliance to the provisions of the Electoral Code of Conduct, the Electoral Process Act, the Public Order Act and other pieces of legislation.

“I also wish to congratulate all the police officers who were deployed to police the Chilanga election and other ward elections for their devotion to duty, hard work and altruism during the execution of this important assignment , that of providing a conducive environment for all political players to conduct their activities,” said Kakoma.

Kakoma further thank for portraying high levels of discipline as his Office did not receive any complaint against them from members of the public in general and political players in particular.

“We are however, disappointed to state that despite the achievement of a peaceful election, there was unruly behaviour recorded in some areas and police are investigating. It is in this same vein that I make an appeal to all political leaders and supporters to fully commit themselves to peaceful elections by completely avoiding promoting and engaging themselves in acts that have potential to cause chaos and instability in our country during future elections,” he said

Kanganja has called for citizens to remain peaceful and avoid any provocative behavior saying promotion of sustainable peace and security was a shared responsibility.