Lungu working for his pockets – Kambwili

By Staff Reporter

Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili has asked Zambians to forgive him because he made efforts to make Edgar Lungu become President as this has caused so much pain to the people of Zambia.

Speaking at a UPND campaign rally in Chilanga on Sunday afternoon Kambwili said he worked hard to ensure that Lungu became President, but little did he know that the man he was supporting would be a pain in the flesh of the people.

He said he was motivated to make Lungu President after GBM had invaded PF’s stronghold.

“To counter the influence of GBM, I had to go out of my way to counter what he had done in the PF stronghold thinking that what I was doing was good. I apologise; it was unfortunate that the people I fought for have turned out to be thieves,” he said. “There is a great difference between Sata and Lungu because late Sata was working for the people while Lungu is working for his pockets. Edgar Lungu dismissed 64 workers from State house because they were either Tonga or Lozi.”

Kambwili asked Chilanga residents not to vote for a PF candidate.

“The people of Chilanga should show Lungu that he is not needed and give the UPND candidate Charmaine a vote to increase the number of MPs to impeach Lungu. The impeachment is still on and will require people to vote against Lungu when the motion begins in parliament,” said Kambwili.