Chingola Jerabos take gang fight to cemetery

By Staff Reporter
Warring Chingola gangs fighting over ‘illegal’ copper mining territories in Chiwempala on Friday clashed at a local cemetery during the burial of a female teenager who died after the feuding camps knifed each other last Sunday.
Police sources told Newsday Zambia that the gang-related violence was taken to the cemetery after the All-Stars and West Kopala gangs chaotically disrupted the solemn ceremony demanding justice for their deceased member.
“It seems the fracas is still on going.Today they  buried one of the youths, actually a female and there was chaos at the cemetery where the West Kopala and All-Stars ran amok demanding justice for one of their own,” the sources said on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the matter.
The sources said police officers were hesitant to go to the open pit mine over which the two gang leaders had clashed.
“The Debra Mountain in question has been occupied by Kapandula’s  group because Sparks’ group, which include some of his trusted commanders, are on the run because the murder  case has been levelled against  them, and Sparks has switched off his phone on advice from his lawyers,” the source narrated. “Now, imagine what will happen if the other camp reitaliates. This war is far from over. Chiwempala police said they can’t enter  the open pit, it’s up to them (gangs) to solve the situation. They will only step in once someone has been reported injured, which has prompted the other camp to think the police are on the payroll from Kapandula.”
Meanwhile, some Chingola residents, have complained that police are using torture by beating up those they arrested so that they can give up the locations of those they are looking for such as C4 and the group.
“The police went even to the extent of arresting some of the parents of the suspects and locked them up without charging them. They even detained those with stitches, who were given medical reports by the doctor. As things stand now, you can be picked up if  you are looking like a Jerabo,” the parents complained. “The blame-game from the two camps continues. We hope the police will not put innocent people behind bars and let Sparks and Kapandula or Tablet go scott-free. Remember from the time those two rebelled against each other,  four murders have occurred two from each camp according to the police division of Chiwempala area.”
Two teenagers died from the gang-related violence in the area last Sunday after the rival gangs armed with knives pinch-bars took to the streets hacking each other over a high-grade copper mining territory.