Zambia is officially a Banana Republic, says Musukwa

By Staff Reporter


Zambia is officially a Banana Republic where criminals are being celebrated and rewarded for political opportunism, says social media political activist, Yona Musukwa.


Musukwa posted on his Facebook page on Thursday that Zambia was officially a banana Republic where political opponents are brutally punished while criminals get rewarded with shareholding in ZCCM IH, the people’s company.


“Yesterday, that criminal Kitwe group called Jerabos used dangerous explosives to blast the Black Mountain. This dangerous blasting has left people’s houses with cracked walls,” Musukwa stated. “The poor people of Kitwe have nowhere to go and complain, because the Jerabos own Kitwe. Kitwe is the capital of criminal gangs in Zambia. The town boasts of more than 15 dangerous criminal gangs. I am saddened that even opposition political parties are not talking about reversing that nonsensical giving of 10% ZCCM shares to a criminal gang , because they also want the support of these criminals.”