UPND was wrong to shun planned dialogue-CISCA

By Staff Reporter

The Civil Society for Constitutional Agenda says it was wrong for the United Party for National Development to shun the pre-dialogue summit as they could have used the opportunity to state its position over the planned dialogue.

CISCA Chairperson John Mambo said UPND should have attended the pre-dialogue summit that was organized by the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) to state their concerns.

He told journalists at a media briefing that the decision by ZCID to organize the pre-dialogue process was welcome but that there was need for the Church to lead the talks as they were more neutral.

And ZCID Executive Director Monica Kajimana said the delegates at the summit agreed to embrace and rally behind all well-meaning local dialogue efforts including those initiated by the Church, and ZCID.

Kajimana said the delegates where gratified that the constitutional review had been halted following concerns by stakeholders

“ZCID was ready to work with other local and regional stakeholders in responding to critical issues identified for Zambia’s dialogue agenda. ZCID planned to convene a validation meeting on Wednesday 23rd May, 2018 where the resolutions and recommendations generally set out by the participants will be presented for final consolidation and endorsement,” said Kajimana.