Indian medical experts to build hospital in C/Province

By Staff Reporter

A group of health experts from India is planning to build a modern hospital to curb the constant evacuation of Zambian patients to that country for specialist treatment.

In the last three years, there has been a huge number of patients evacuated to India for specialist treatment, especially government leaders and eminent businessmen.

Addressing journalists in Kabwe, provincial permanent secretary Chanda Kabwe said the hospital would have a 700-bed capacity.

“There are some Indian medical doctors in collaboration with the Indian government who want to come and build a modern hospital here in Central Province. They are looking at the possibility of constructing this hospital either in Kabwe, Chisamba or Chibombo area,” he explained.

“This hospital will offer first class medical services to Zambians. Once constructed, it is envisaged that the medical personnel that we will deploy to this health facility will be able to attend to complicated illnesses among our citizens. This hospital will be the first of its kind in Africa and will have a 700 bed capacity.”

And Kabwe has implored health professionals to explain the importance of the National Health Insurance Scheme to members of the public.

The new law has been critised by all progressive workers, both in public and private, including trade unions.

And despite a huge public outcry when the National Health Insurance Bill was presented in the last sitting of parliament, the PF, which had the numbers in the House, passed it.

Kabwe defended the law, claiming that it would benefit the majority poor peoples.

“A human rights approach to health guarantees a system of health protection for all. And as a people-centred government, we believe that no one should be denied access to health care because of their financial status,” said Kabwe.

“And I am calling upon all nurses and midwives to explain the importance of this National Health Insurance law to the general public. For health services to be accessible, people need to be aware that the services exist, understand how to access them and have the desire to use them. Nurses and midwives have therefore a responsibility of engaging the community on the availability of these services.”