Probe Medical Stores, demands NDC

By staff Reporter

Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has asked government to immediately suspend all officials at the centre of the theft of drugs at Medical Stores Limited.

According t a recent report by the Global Fund, over US$1 million worth of drugs have gone missing at Medical Stores.

He said his party was demanding that Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya releases a detailed report on the theft of the drugs in question.

Musenge has expressed concern on why the government remained mute over the saga.

“We are asking government investigative wings to expedite investigations into the Medical Stores scandal; that all erring officers at the centre of the scandal be prosecuted. President Edgar Lungu should not hesitate to fire any senior government officials linked to the disappearance of drugs at the medical institution,” said Musenge.

“According to Global Fund, the pilfered drugs mainly ARVs were sold to private health institutions, with some being sold to the Congo. The Global Fund is demanding that the Zambian government pays back the stolen funds.

The supplies stolen include 5,790 HIV test kits valued at US$416,379 and 67,967 bottles of antiretrovirals (ARVs) valued at US$423,209 and bottles of antiretrovirals (ARVs) including 11,442 artemisinin-based combination therapy packs (ACTs) valued at US$214,486 and malaria rapid diagnostic test kits (MRDTs) valued at US$10,714,”