Govt considers introducing quota governance system

By Staff Reporter

Government has intentions of introducing a quota system of governance that will see thirty percent of seats in parliament being reserved strictly for female candidates.

Speaking on the 3rd Specialised Technical Committee Meeting on Gender and Women Empowerment in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Gender Minister Victoria Kalima said the system was meant to encourage more women to participate in politics.

Kalima said it was unfortunate that women parliamentarians in Zambia only
accounted for 18.7 per cent while the male folk dominated parliament with 81.3
per cent.

“Government was in the process of consulting all relevant stakeholders that include political parties, civil society organisations and the church before it can be tabled in parliament. Time had come for women to fully participate in the country’s political and economic development,” Kalima said.

“The appointment of a number of women in cabinet was also testimony that President Lungu had the welfare of the women at heart. I’m urging women in decision making positions in the country to work
extremely hard and support fellow women so that we can minimise speculation that women do not support fellow women.”

She said the quota system had worked in countries such as South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi.