UK more racist now, claims Zambian professor

By Staff Reporter

A Zambian professor has described the United Kingdom as more racists after the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Professor Tendayi Achiume who is a United Nations employee further said the UK was in a state of national panic about terrorism, and that the fight against attacks had stirred up Islamophobia.

Prof Achiume’s remarks have sparked uproar, with British media such as The Sunnewspaper calling her a UN ‘penpusher’.

She blamed a rise in racial discrimination on Brexit and austerity.

Prof Achiume further blamed the historic 2016 Brexit vote on a rise in ‘growth in the acceptability of explicit racial, ethnic and religious intolerance’.

Her remarks came after a two-week road trip around Britain’s cities investigating the effects of government cuts and the historic EU Referendum.

On Friday night a chorus of outraged Brexiteers branded her report ‘garbage’ and a ‘total waste of time’.

Prof Achiume claimed that Tory spending policies and Brexit were both making racial discrimination worse.

The UN rapporteur claimed the Brexit vote, led by Nigel Farage among others, contributed to a spike in hate crime.

“Austerity measures have been disproportionately detrimental to racial and ethnic minority communities. It is also important to draw attention to the increase in anti-Semitic hate speech and violence that accompanied and followed the referendum. In 2017, anti-Semitic incidents reached a record level in the UK,” said Prof Achiume.

“In recent years, a series of terrorist attacks by individuals purporting to act in the name of Islam have served as triggers for national panic regarding Britain’s security.”

The US-based lawyer and UN special rapporteur said the government should end the Prevent programme which aimed to tackle radicalisation.

She will present her full report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva in June next year.

But on Friday night her claims sparked a wave of outrage from British politicians.

Ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said: “It is complete rubbish. These reports are always rubbish.

Every single one of these UN rapporteur reports are not worth the paper they are written on; they are a total waste of time. The people who come here have always got an axe to grind.”

And Jacob Rees Mogg hit out: “The UN ought to have better things to do than issue tendentious reports about the UK.”