Teachers conduct classes under a tree

By Staff Reporter

Teachers at Kebamba Community School in Kapiri Mposhi district have been forced to conduct lessons under a tree due to inadequate classroom space.

Currently, there are 340 pupils in the school.

Despite pleas to the ministry of general education through the office of the District Education Board Secretary, no one has listened and acted.

School head teacher Cornelius Nyanga narrated that despite members of the community moulding bricks to erect a new structure, the project has stalled because it requires more materials.

“As a community, we have mould bricks, mobilised sand and stones and the structure is at foundation level and remains incomplete due to financial challenges,” Nyanga explained in a statement made available to NewsDay. “Currently Kebamba Community School has a total of 340 pupils. But as teachers, we are facing a lot of challenges in terms of poor infrastructure and our pupils are learning under trees. And during the rainy season learners are not able to learn. Teachers are failing to work and stay at the school due to the same challenges.”

He lamented that due to inadequate school infrastructure some female pupils were dropping out and getting married.

“Because of the same challenge of inadequate classroom blocks, our children are being involved in early marriages, beer drinking and drug abuse. Good infrastructure may be a motivating factor to learners because they would be assured that they will be learning in a comfortable learning environment,” stated Nyanga.

“Ever since the area councilor was elected he is no where to be seen. The community school is also reminding the member of parliament to honour what he promised with regard to helping in the construction of a classroom block. We want our elected political leaders to be visiting the community school so that they know the challenges we are facing.”