Resign, Chipenzi asks Chilufya

By Staff Reporter

Governance activist McDonald Chipenzi has asked health minister Chitalu Chilufya to resign in view of the recent Global Fund report which has revealed serious financial abuse in the ministry.

Chipenzi said what the report revealed was a clear display of imorality in leaders.

“But as per norm in Zambia, in the face of this, Dr. Chilufya was proudly talking about wellness of the nation during the launch of health week…what a mockery! The reported abuse of Global Funds by government officials in front of the minister who conducts himself  ‘holier than thou’ is evil and the report’s further revelation that some lifesaving drugs crossed borders illegally like HIV is an indictment of broken morals in government and society,” Chipenzi said.

“Dr Chilufya Chitalu must come out clean on this matter and must not gloss over this very devastating report on his ministry. Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, if at all she believes in moral without a national moral code must tell Dr. Chilufya to resign immediately.” The report further revealed that malaria drugs were out of stock in some facilities up to three months.

The report disclosed further that ARVs  were out of stock for almost a month in some health facilities; TB drugs were out of stock for up to nine months in one facility and 74 days in five facilities.

The report revealed stocking of expired HIV drugs worth US$4 million in 2016, TB drugs valued a US$0.11million in 2016 and another of the same value at risk in 2017.

Chipenzi said while Dr Chilufya recently talked about the wellness of the nation in terms of health, he never talked about the glaring abuse of lifesaving drugs and funds.

“No wonder he never talked about whether death rate has reduced in Zambia or health burden has reduced in most health facilities in the country but he generally talked about general wellness while others pointed at Kaunda as a living icon in terms of wellness when they know that KK could perhaps have access to best health facilities which are not stocked with expired drugs,” said Chipenzi.

“Dr Chilufya must resign or be fired, if morals, people claim we have in Zambia are there.”