Is social media for insults, asks Banda

By Staff Reporter

Zambia has not benefitted positively from the use of social media when it comes to championing issue based politics, says generational leadership takeover activist, Beck Banda.

Dr Banda stated on his Facebook page that people that are social media champions of vulgar language and character assassination do not just value their reputation but are also not adding value to the country’s politics.

“There has never been a time in the history of Zambian politics where both learned and informed citizens could publicly engage in dangerous personal character assassination, use of abusive language and insulting language without regard to the divergence of online followers. Where are our values as a people? Where is morality? What kind of human beings are we trying to be?”  he asked. “Political support online should not take away shame and humanity virtues. Let’s not auction our self respect that other people who are not political cadres have held for us beyond politics. What political ideologies do you subscribe to? What are the values of those ideologies? What programmes is your political party promising the Zambians?”

Dr Banda encouraged those that were interested in contributing to the political discourse to always interrogate the qualifications and capabilities of any candidate in order for that leader to deliver the party programmes.

“What messages do you then plan to tell the voters in order to explain your programmes and the abilities and qualities of your candidate? If these questions are addressed, I do not see any reason for fighting, insulting and losing your self respect that your wider network of social media friends have held beyond your cadre life,” he stated further. “Let’s retrospect ourselves and consider adding value to Zambian politics, unlike giving yourself a record of being a character assassinator and champion of vulgar language. We cannot celebrate this level of lawlessness in the name of cadreism.”