Kabwe police arrest, detain Tutwa

By Staff Reporter

Kabwe Central PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube has been arrested and detained at the town’s Central Police Station for criminal trespass involving a piece of land.

Last week, Ngulube took the Kabwe Municipal Council to court on allegations of abuse of authority of office and failing to comply with tender procedures.

However, the Council, through the town clerk, Ronald Daka, signed a closure order for Sonnet Melodius Building Complex, which houses Sonnet Hypermarket; a transit bus station for long distance vehicles, all operated by Ngulube, on account that it was an illegal business.

Police, who had picked up Ngulube at Prospect police checkpoint on the Great North Road, about 10 kilometres from Kabwe, had earlier surrounded the business premises and locked them up.

Ngulube who was on his way to sorting out the closure of his business was bundled into an unregistered police vehicle.

“I am being arrested for criminal trespass”, said Ngulube as he was whisked away to  Kabwe Central Police station.