Unza management disowns dress code memo

By Staff Reporter

The University of Zambia Library says it has no dress code and that it will not tolerate old discredited misogynist views in its space.

In a memo targeted at library users at Zambia’s highest education facility, University of Zambia librarian, Christine Kanyengo disowned a poster that was purported to have come from her office prescribing a dress code for the female library users.

“It has come to our attention that there was a poster purporting to come from University of Zambia Library Management prescribing a dress code to our esteemed female University of Zambia Library users. We would like to unreservedly apologise to our female library users for any offense caused,” Kanyengo stated. “The said poster does not reflect who we are; we are a space that promotes access to all our library materials to all people from all walks of life. We urge all our female University of Zambia Library users to feel comfortable when using the library.”

The poster in question that triggered worldwide rave reviews after it was featured in local and international media organisations stated that the University of Zambia Library management had prescribed a dress code for female library users because most of them went into the facility half-naked and therefore disturbed their male colleagues.

“We also assure our users (both male and female) that this poster in question was not authored by University of Zambia Library Management. Any such communication would be disseminated through authorised official university channels,” she stated in part. “The University of Zambia has no dress code. Tolerance and diversity is the bedrock of our institution; the University of Zambia Libraries will not tolerate old discredited misogynist views in our space.”

Kanyengo indicated that the University of Zambia was a secular (Zambia is constitutionally a Christian nation) institution built on the principles of diversity and cherishes academic freedom.

“We would like to state that the University of Zambia Library management has instituted investigations in the matter so that culprits are brought to book,” the memo read further.