We want alternative to political mediocrity – Banda

By Staff Reporter

The silence arising from the deaths of viable civil society and radical youth movements has given birth to mediocre political leadership, according to Beck Banda.

Dr Banda, a generational takeover proponent, said on his Facebook page that there was need for fresh energy in the Zambian civil society movement.

“Happy Sunday brethren. A revolutionary week has just started. The silence that has been as a result of the death of the viable civil society movement and the death of the radical and proactive youth movement has given birth to political, governance and leadership mediocrities,” Dr Banda said. “The voice of advocacy, lobby and civic education has been swallowed. It’s time we regrouped and bring back the sanity in the civil society.”

He observed that the quality of political debates and political leaders in the country was worrying.

“We have surrendered the affairs of the nation to the cadres whose morality, dignity and integrity is of questionable standards. We need a new energy in the civil society in Zambia,” he said further. “We need a revolutionary and not a charitable youth movement in Zambia.”

Dr Banda called for political hygiene in Zambia before 2021.

“We still have hope that Zambia has a lot of men and women, young leaders, youth and indeed statesmen and women who are of high morals, dignified and indeed concerned about the lawlessness, compromise, shamelessness and deteriorating levels of violence, high levels of corruption and violation of human rights,” said Dr Banda. “It seems time to regroup. Time to voice out. Time to provide alternative leadership in the civil society and indeed demand for morality and hygiene at political level.”