Confront criminals of justice – Banda

By Staff Reporter

Zambians have a revolutionary duty to differentiate between genuine and fake political players, says generational leadership takeover activist Beck Banda.

Dr Banda cautioned in a posting on his Facebook page on Friday that time for the younger generation of leaders to act beyond social media was now.

“May God bless our nation, Zambia. May the love of God be our strength as we resolve to engage in revolutionary assignment and bring hygiene in areas within our means,” he stated. “May my generation regroup and defend our values as a people and make our leaders, our partners and our people walk the right and just path.”

Dr Banda, who is an aspiring member of parliament, said the emerging crop of leaders should fearlessly confront criminals of justice.

“Down with manipulation, down with white-collar crimes, down with fear to confront criminals of justice. We have a duty to differentiate between genuine investors, donors, international NGOs and indeed genuine political players,” urged Dr Banda. “Time to act beyond social media is now. We can’t win a revolutionary battle online alone. We need both. If it costs to get justice, then I am ready to pay that cost. Patriotism must be neutral of partisan influence. Those who want to liberate their generation must think, act and behave beyond partisan circles. #Down with fear!!!!”