Media should reflect seriously – Nalumino

By Staff Reporter

A veteran journalist has asked the media to critically reflect on issues affecting ordinary citizens and the cause of the worker.

Giving his reflections on the World Press Freedom Day which is being commemorated today, Nalumino Nalumino said the commemoration helped highlight the successes and challenges that faced media practitioners all over the world.

“…Journalists bear a heavy responsibility of being responsible but yet thoughtful purveyors of information to the masses.  ‘Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and the Rule of Law’, could not have come at a better time than now when some of those in power appear to be drunk with earthly power they should instead use to improve the wellbeing of their people,” said Nalumino.

He challenged the media to check against the emerging trend of factional reportage by parroting parochial interests of a few people in leadership, either in government or opposition political parties, against the majoritarian wishes.

He said the masses at times felt let down by main stream media because of their misguided interest to focus mainly on biased political reportage at the expense of real issues affecting people.

Nalumino said it was clear that some politicians and former councilors had continued to involve themselves in land alienation.

He challenged journalist to begin naming and shaming such leaders as their selfishness was consigning innocent citizens to untold perpetual poverty and misery.