Labour Day was painful for Zambians – UPND

By Staff Reporter

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) youths have observed thatTuesday’s Labour Day celebrations were a disaster for many due to economic challenges and political tension in the country.

National youth deputy chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso said his party youths found the celebrations a mere mockery as the few youths in employment were still subjected to harsh conditions of service.

“Think of those who are abused at places of work by foreigners especially the Chinese. And the PF is mute to condemn, a clear sign that it does not care about the plight of workers. The foreigners have more powers as evident by a recent attack of a Chinese national on the Labour Commissioner,” said Liswaniso.

“One would conclude that the Chinese are indirectly controlling the nation and becoming rich at the expense of hard working Zambians. PF leadership being compromised, corrupt and greedy, have divided labour movements who must speak on behalf of the Zambian workers. They are now the mouth piece of PF and are busy frustrating genuine trade unions such as ZCTU and ZFE with efforts to promote social dialogue among workers.”