Zambian Workers Deserve Better – Musenge

By Staff Reporter

Opposition National Democratic Congress says workers in the country are observing Labour Day amidst high poverty levels and exploitation.

NDC secretary general Mwenya Musenge said Zambian workers were currently experiencing the worst forms of intimidation and degrading conditions.

Musenge said the conditions of service in for the majority of the workers remained of slavery nature and appalling.

“Workers are selling their labour for unacceptable and unimaginable lower perks. Zambian workers have simply lost dignity and integrity and live on credit and hand outs. On top of that, the Zambian worker is overtaxed, very few of our workers have access to mortgages as they stay in slums without basic social services and vital amenities such as water and acceptable sanitation,” said Musenge.

He said the workers had lost confidence in government as it had continued to ignore their plight while the unions representing their interests had become moribund as they had sold  out to the oppressive regime.

“Labour leaders have become irrelevant and elusive and do not represent the interest of workers. Labour leaders have put self first before national service,” he said.

Musenge urged the workers to defend their interests and that of the country.

“As NDC, we say no to the continued exploitation of our general workforce. Time has come for Zambian workers to wake up and fight for what is right,” he said.

“As workers commemorate their day …., we want them to reflect on how they have been exploited and marginalized by the PF regime,The pf regime under Edgar Lungu has succeed in nothing but entrenching and perpetuating the sufferings of our beloved people”.

Musenge pledged labour law reforms once his party was voted into office in order to protect the interests of the workers.