Union saddened with revelations of teachers who can’t read or write

By Staff Reporter


The Professional Teachers Union of Zambia says it has continued receiving numerous calls from members countrywide complaining about the statement issued by the Teaching Service Commissioner chairperson Stanley Mhango that some teachers cannot read nor write.

In a statement to newsdayzambia.com PROTUZ president Vincent Mwitumwa said this sentiment is demeaning and demotivating to the teaching profession and asked Mhango to withdraw the statement or provide evidence of such teachers who cannot read or write.

Mwitumwa urged the commission to investigate and take action against such teachers or colleges where they graduated from.

“However, the union would want to engage the Teaching Service Commission on the matter and really resolve this matter,” said Mwitumwa.

“Protuz appeals to all teachers to remain calm and focused. As a labour movement we are aware of the numerous hardships that teachers are facing both in urban and rural areas. Upgrading of teachers, accommodation, rural and remote allowances not being paid to deserving teachers, teacher pupil ratio has remained high in most schools and most teachers who were employed 10 years ago have not yet been paid their settling in allowances since then,” he said.

Mwitumwa added that his union felt these were the issues that TSC should be preoccupied with rather than putting the teaching profession in odium.

Last week Nigeria government fired over 4,500 teachers for their failure to read nor write.