Socialist Party will shock the world in 2021 – Dr Musumali

By Staff reporter

Socialist Party interim General Secretary Cosmas Dr Musumali says his party will shock the world with a magnificent performance in the 2021 general election.

And Dr Musumali said it was time for veteran journalist Dr Fred M’membe to play a political role in the country.

Addressing journalists on the planned launch of the party that was only announced in November last year, Dr Musumali said members of the party had done so much grass root mobilisation that the party was known all over the country.

The Socialist Party would officially be launched this Saturday at King Fisher court in Lusaka’s Jesmondine residential area.

Dr Musumali warned critics of the party against underrating its impact, saying it was there to offer political and economic solutions people were looking for.

“The question is, what is it that Zambians are crying for today? We in the Socialist Party are not generating ideas from our heads. If you engage Zambians out there, they will tell you that there is no justice in Zambia today. The elite are controlling everything in all government institutions, including the judiciary. Poverty is all over and people are crying,” he told journalists in Lusaka on Wednesday.

“And the people of Zambia have told us that they have found a solution in socialism. We have listened to them, we have told them our message and they have liked it. So, I can confidently say that the Socialist Party will not only shock Zambians in 2021, but the whole world. It is very clear on the ground that people want change, and our job is to facilitate that change. 2021 is far, but we are working diligently. There is a crisis in Zambia and it will not be solved using the usual rhetoric we hear.”

And Dr Musumali revealed that Dr M’membe was a member of the Socialist Party.

He said Dr M’membe could no longer continue to play an advisory role to every political party, but that it was time for him to join fully.

“Comrade Fred M’membe is a member of the Socialist Party. This is a comrade who for years has always worked in the background. There is no political party in Zambia where he has not participated. He was there at the founding of the MMD with Mbita Chitala, Akashambatwa [Mbikusita Lewanika] and others. The National Party, he was part of it. Let’s not forget that he also supported the PF; he worked closely with Mr Sata, but he was aware of his role as a journalist,” Dr Musumali outlined.

“And now time has come for him to play a different role. He is not going to be an advisor any more; he is part of the leadership of the Socialist Party. If you attend our launch on Saturday you will see him. And we have no apologies about it. Comrade M’membe has mentored a lot of politicians who are now members of parliament, both from the opposition and in the current government. In fact some of them are occupying very senior positions in the current government, so his input should not be questioned; it speaks for him. And now it is his time to be fully involved.”

And Dr Musumali bemoaned the amount of compromise the judiciary has suffered at the hands of the Patriotic Front-led government.

“The Zambian judiciary is highly compromised, just like any other government institution. We are dealing with a judiciary that is always taking the direction of those in power,” he said.

“You will find that all cases brought before it that threaten the interests of those in power will not pass. Yes, we may have a few competent and honest individuals; but the majority of our magistrates, our judges are highly compromised. And the sooner we realise that we live in a lie, the better. Shall we stop and give up? No.”

Meanwhile, when asked to comment on the impeachment motion tabled before parliament by the opposition UPND on March 22, but comes up for debate Wednesday afternoon, Dr Musumali said: “There is a legal case to that impeachment process; it’s not wrong. The problem is that the political structure we have is one that does not respect legal arguments. My guess is that even the impeachment process will suffer the same fate. Should we stop and give up? No, but it’s frustrating. A lot of people have their hopes raised in it [impeachment motion]; that it’s the solution, but they will be disappointed.”