I won’t join any opposition party – Kalaba

I won’t join any opposition party – Kalaba
By Staff Reporter
Bahati PF member of parliament Harry Kalaba has declared that he has no intention of joining any opposition political party.
Lately, there have been rumors linking him to either the National Democratic Congress (NDC) or the United Party for National Development (UPND).
But when he featured on Lusaka’s Hot FM Radio program, The Hot Seat this morning, Kalaba dismissed the rumors and said he was capable of standing on his own.
“I am not a member of NDC or UPND and I have no intention to join any of the two. And I am capable of moving alone and it will be left to Zambians to choose on their own; life is about ambition. There’s no crime in one aspiring for a position; life is about dreaming. No one should be arrested for dreaming big,” he said.
Kalaba said soon he would announce his next political move.
He reaffirmed his concern over the high levels of corruption in government.
“I resigned because of corruption, there are certain things that are happening in government which I did not agree with, We are not puppets that we should just be following whatever is being said; it’s high time that Zambians knew the truth of what is happening,” said Kalaba.
“We have sold our country to foreigners; it’s sad that the Chinese are now even selling chickens, doing the work which Zambian youths can do. Youths are being sent to go and beat up people like me who is saying the truth and after that they end up with nothing. And they are also sent to go and beat up innocent people in the streets.”
Meanwhile the Bahati lawyer maker has vowed that he will not resign as a member of parliament under pf ticket in Bahati counstituncy.
“I was elected by the people of Bahati not pf as a party no, and I will not resign as the people of Bahati said they are happy with the work I have done so far in the counstituncy, you saw for yourself what happened, when I went back to the counstituncy,”
“if calls will came from the people who elected me I will definitely resign, as I did resign as a minister, but for now the people of Bahati believe in me and am protected by the counstition,let the pf express their emotions, let them cry and I will not waste time answering them,” he said
Kaaba reiterated that no matter how much his fellow PF members asked him to resign he would not do that because he has not committed any offense.